On 09. & 10. May 2020, the New Heritage Festival will open its doors for the eight time. Our "Festival for Timeless" gives manufacturers of high-quality and unique products the platform they deserve. A platform where they can present and sell their products to a large and enthusiastic audience.

The New Heritage is characterised by exhibitors who have high quality standards for themselves and their products and who produce them with passion and often by hand.

New this year: In addition to well-known and new exhibitors from the heritage community, manufacturers from the concept and green lifestyle sectors will be presenting themselves increasingly. 

Are you interested in becoming a part of the New Heritage?

We would be pleased to send you via email the Exhibitor Brochure which contains information about the registration guidelines and participation fees.

Just give us a call or send an e-mail.

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The New New Heritage Team


 09. & 10. May 2020 
 Zenith & Kohlebunker Munich  150 Exhibitors 
 Culinary culture |
 Clothing culture
 Living Culture | Leisure culture
 7,000 visitors 
 Consumers & Retailers
 Qualitäter between 22 yrs and
 65 yrs old
 Strong purchasing power 
 Interested in exchange 
 Supporting programme 
 Live Music

Reasons why you should not miss this participation!

There are so many benefits for you when you participate.

  • The emotional ambience that encourages the willingness to buy.
  • A premium ambience lovingly created and designed for our exhibitors and an invitation for the visitors to linger.
  • A stand wall system for a uniform appearance.
  • Rental furniture and support for stand design.
Sales & Attention Grabbers
  • Sell directly to willing consumers with strong purchasing power.
  • Clearance sale.
  • To highlight the brands and to raise awareness.
Communication & Advertising
  • Introduction of each exhibitor on the New Heritage website as well as in social media.
  • An event magazine will be published with exhibitor entries, advertisements and reports.
  • Paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Out-of-home advertising measures.
  • PR and Press Activity with well known media partners.




Have we aroused your interest to participate in the New Heritage –the Festival of Timelessness?
We look forward to be in contact with you via phone or email.

Erik Fülöp

Support of Exhibitors

Telephone: 089 - 381 69014 - 4
E-Mail:Erik Fülöp

Ann Sophie Meier

Project Manager

Telephone: 089 - 381 69014 - 2
E-Mail:Ann Sophie Meier

Moritz Fuchs

Initiator & Managing Director

Telephone: 089 - 381 69014 - 1
E-Mail:Moritz Fuchs